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Take Your Organization to the Next Level with the CONNECTED CULTURE Audio Book

The CONNECTED CULTURE audio book is a must-listen for anyone looking to leverage the potential of digital media to meet marketing goals. Besides the audio format, the book is available as a paperback and an ebook. Get your copy today, and see dramatic improvements in the way your organization connects with and engages customers online.

About the Author

CONNECTED CULTURE is penned by well-known Internet marketing authority, popular industry speaker and Founder of integrated digital media services provider CORE Interactive, Jerry Allocca. Jerry believes that "the secret of using social media successfully is to concentrate on reaching the right audience with relevant communication". He shares his insights and knowledge with readers, helping them navigate the social media and Internet marketing maze successfully. Jerry presents information and discussions in an engaging and easily comprehensible style.

In the CONNECTED CULTURE audio book, Jerry teaches you how to successfully implement digital media, and supports it with statistics to help you understand the bigger picture. Interesting and highly useful, CONNECTED CULTURE is a superbly-crafted audio book that ticks all the right boxes.

Respected American communication specialist, tv anchor, correspondent and President of Paymar Communications, Jim Paymar has lent his voice to the audio book. His voice-over talent is the stuff of legend – enjoy the powerful delivery of powerful messages in Paymar's rich voice.

How to Purchase It

The CONNECTED CULTURE audio book is available in CD and digital format. You can buy the CD and have it shipped to your doorstep or you can download the audio book from very conveniently. Get the audio book and bring about a marked improvement in your online presence.


The book (in all formats) has received great reviews and has been highly recommended as a useful resource to clearly understand how you can put various social media elements to work for your marketing needs. The CONNECTED CULTURE audio book Amazon customer reviews are strong (all listed have awarded it five stars) and it has been hailed as a definitive guide to all things social media.

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