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Now, more than ever, we're all connected. What does it mean to be part of the Connected Culture? Share your thoughts and ideas here!

CONNECTED CULTURE Seminar Testimonials


What others are saying about our seminars

"The vision and versatility of Jerry's seminars serve crucial roles in the evolving social and higher education environment. His work and dynamic presentations offer innovative, practical solutions to our increasingly digital world, which require revolutionary ways to bridge the communication gap between management, students, and teachers. Jerry not only exercises a strong grasp of the material he presents, he owns it! His confidence and energy are so inspiring, I have engaged him in redeveloping our own website."

-- Rebecca Busacca,
President of Accreditation Training Advisors

"Jerry's easy-going approach and presentation style can make even those who have trouble tuning the VCR understand the newest technologies like text messaging, facebook, youtube, etc, and how they can be used to increase sales. Great speaker and brings success every where he presents."

-- Dr. Neal A. Raisman,
President of AcademicMAPS

"Jerry is an excellent person to work with. Besides the fact that he is a very kind person, he is an excellent at what he does. Most recently Jerry taught me how to use linkedin. His method /style of teaching is perfect for everyone on any level. He is thorough and organized and a pleasure to be around. He is also a great networker and does an excellent job leading the Leadpro Networking Group."

-- Carole Holzmann, Account Manager at Konica Minolta Danka Imaging

"Jerry's Linked-in class was a day well spent. His patience is never ending, his knowledge is deep and his explanations are thorough. I highly recommend this workshop if you learn better by doing and having your hand held at the same time!"

-- Jan Guarino, Owner at Guarino Graphics

"I attend many of the workshop sessions at CCA conventions to spot good presenters for our annual New York conference.  Jerry's presentation would be very well received at CCA."

-- Terence Zaleski, Executive Director of
The Coalition of NYS Career Schools

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