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Now, more than ever, we're all connected. What does it mean to be part of the Connected Culture? Share your thoughts and ideas here!

Convert your connections into results—without leaving your office!

With the right teacher you'll easily learn the most successful strategies on LinkedIn—in no time. And in plain English. Here's how…

Presenter: Jerry Allocca
Organizer: The Academy of Chief Executives
When: Aug 17, Wednesday
9:00 am to 12:00 pm (EST)
Where: New Horizons Computer Learning Center
1660 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 115
Melville, NY 11747
( map & driving directions )
Fee: $495
$395 (if you enroll before Aug 1, 2011)

(includes coffee, breakfast buffet and lesson plans)

Leverage today's most valuable online business networking site LinkedIn® in this hands-on workshop in a computer lab. Reach 100+ million users. You’ll learn how to locate and connect with new prospects, potential strategic partners and even top-notch employees and consultants—right from your computer. This workshop will show you how.


Jerry Allocca is an active voice on the internet and a skilled instructor with a gift for making the web easier to understand. He knows what busy people want: a concise, realistic introduction to the world of Internet Marketing. Through workshops, books and CORE Interactive Marketing, Jerry has helped hundreds of leaders to get started, with proven techniques for building online influence: attracting the right visitors, succeeding with social media and accelerating online business.


CEOs, managers in charge of marketing and communications, and anyone who wants to get the maximum benefit from LinkedIn in the shortest amount of time. You will come away with actionable ideas that you can put to work right away. This 7 week computer-based workshop was created for people who learn best by "doing" and who want expert training in creating profiles, leveraging connections, joining in the social aspects of the community, and successfully transferring their business networking skills online.


Jerry explains the essential principles—in language that you‘ll understand. Discover why social media is fundamentally different from conventional marketing, and learn how to use the interactive nature of LinkedIn to get better results. He teaches successful methodologies–what works and what doesn’t – so that you’ll leave with strategies you can put to work right away. The Q&A section is one of the key parts of any CONNECTED CULTURE workshop, so prepare your questions about LinkedIn and social media and ask away.


Author of "CONNECTED CULTURE," a book that has rapidly become one of the go-to resources in internet marketing, Jerry leads CORE Interactive Marketing, his own thriving practice.  As a 13-year expert in the interactive world, he's not only a proponent of LinkedIn but a fully operating participant–and his enthusiasm for interactivity will rub off on you. Jerry has used his LinkedIn network to meet other business professionals, establish strategic alliances, grow his business and get new speaking engagements.

  • Tap into social networking for business professionals effectively—LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more upon request.
  • Leverage today's most valuable online business networking site LinkedIn®. In this upbeat and exciting workshop. Work at your own pace, with Jerry's guidance and support every step of the way.

Attendees will be supplied with lesson plans and how-to videos that make for invaluable take-home references and refreshers.


Step 1 - Your Profile Means Profits!
Make your profile clear, concise and compelling so other top level decision makers will want to connect with—and do business with—you.

Step 2 - Connect with People You Know—and those you DON’T know yet!
Leverage your connections to get introductions to the people you want to meet. Looking for the CFO of a connection to hot prospects? Want to connect with key influencers you’ve been reading about? Need to find a supplier with a super rare skill set? You can find them all here.

Step 3 - Find Strategic Partners and Key Influencers
We live in a global economy. You have more opportunities than ever before to do business all around the world. You’ll learn to indentify strategic partners and key influences who can help you take your business to the next level.

Step 4 - Select the Best Groups to Join
Harness the wisdom of the crowd by joining the best groups on LinkedIn. Connect with people based on their interests and what they talk about.

Step 5 - Become a Group Leader and Build a Loyal Following
Engage your members in relevant and meaningful conversations and build your circle of influence in record time.

Step 6 - Position Yourself as an Expert on LinkedIn®
Earn expert status on LinkedIn®. Learning how to master this one exercise alone is worth the investment in this workshop!

Step 7 - The Secret Step
This will be revealed in the workshop. This is the strategy that Jerry has used for himself with great results, and he will share it with you.

Name Title/Company
Jerry Allocca President of CORE
Bob Arnold, Jr. Arnold Standard Cos., Vice President
Jeffrey L. Bass Executive Strategies Group LLC
Rakesh Bhargava CEO, RKB Consulting Group
Louis Cappelli Promolink.com
Dr. Lenny Izzo Trump Network - Independant Marketer
Larry Kaplan Trump Network - Independant Marketer
Nick Karis QUE Productions/Multimedia Director
Laurie Kleeman Trump Network - Independant Marketer
Bill McKeon Trump Network - Independant Marketer
Karen Rizzo Township Property Finance, Pres.
Daniel Schaefer, PhD President - Peak Performance Strategies
Francine M. Scuderi Marketer/Event Planner
Joseph Sellitto Pension & Wealth Consultants
Peter Shakalis FirstServices Williams
Betty Shapiro Besttel, Inc
Irene Siegel Trump Network - Independant Marketer
Gail Trugman Nikol Unique Business Solutions, President

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Melville, NY 11747

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