Connected Culture Book by Jerry Allocca


You thought you knew what was happening online.
Think again.

This video reveals staggering numbers about today's CONNECTED CULTURE, showing us how the use of digital media impacts our everyday lives.

  • How much time do people spend on Facebook each day?
  • How many searches on Google happen each second? Each month? In a lifetime?
  • How many emails are sent per second? When was the first email sent?
  • Are there really 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds?
  • Did you know that 500 years worth of video are shared on Facebook every 24 hours?


Don't Believe It?
Watch this CONNECTED CULTURE Video and See for Yourself

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What they are saying about CONNECTED CULTURE

The only playbook you'll ever need
May 10, 2011
By Ron Wood

"CONNECTED CULTURE is the only playbook you'll ever need to navigate the maze of social media and leverage powerful communication techniques like a pro. In a step-by-step format, Internet expert Jerry Allocca defines the features, applications and benefits of the latest social media sites and platforms. Get practical, hands-on coaching on how to connect with profitable audiences and stay connected. With strategic lists of do's and don'ts, key takeaways and free downloadable workbooks, CONNECTED CULTURE is your go-to resource for digital communications."


A Solid Social Media Resource Guide
February 6, 2011
By Laney Liner

"Connected Culture hits on all the important aspects of social media marketing in a fun and easily digestible way. It is a well thought out resource tool for individuals who want to be in the know when it comes to the do's and don'ts of social media.

It is incredible how much information Jerry provides for FREE (as a downloaded file, accessible from the web using an access code at the end of each chapter). This element of the book reiterates the confidence that Jerry has and his passion for helping others.

While I am not a professor, I highly encourage anyone who teaches marketing to put this on their students "must read" list.

I learned an incredible amount from this book and will refer back to it often."


A Great Read
July 13, 2011
By Jenn

"This book is an amazing resource! Before reading this book, I was not aware of how far we have come as a digital generation. This book explains how businesses and individuals can use social media to connect with people online. I love the Do's and Don'ts section of each chapter. The author even has free workbooks to help you along - what a great idea! It is well written and easy to understand. Anyone interested in promoting their business through the many different social media online should definitely read this book."


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CONNECTED CULTURE - the Internet Marketing book written for today's Internet!


Want to be part of the digital media revolution and connect meaningfully with customers online? CONNECTED CULTURE can steer you in the right direction. The book, authored by Internet marketing authority Jerry Allocca, offers valuable insights into how you can make digital media work for you. It has been received positively by readers, and currently holds a 6/6 rating on Amazon.

CONNECTED CULTURE Leads You through the Digital Marketing Maze
The potential of the Internet and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to effectively reach millions of users in real-time have made them indispensable marketing tools. The book discusses how the various digital media elements work, succinctly and interestingly.

Jargon-Free and Comprehensive Understanding of Digital Marketing
Jerry leverages his extensive experience in the industry and presents information in an easily comprehensible and engaging way. Whether you are a novice or have some knowledge of marketing to the digital generation, CONNECTED CULTURE makes for a great read not only in terms of its rich content but also in the way it is presented.

Statistics, Real-World Examples and Winning Strategies
Jerry supports his advice and suggestions with statistics and examples of successful online campaigns launched by different organizations. The book offers proven strategies and valuable tips that you can employ right away, and expect good results out of. CONNECTED CULTURE compels you to put advice to action with the confidence that you are connecting in the right way. It acts as a great enabler to reach your audience meaningfully and as a motivator to extend your existing online reach.

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Paperback: Available in paperback version, the 240-page book can be conveniently purchased from or at the official CONNECTED CULTURE website where you can get a signed copy from the author.

eBook: Available as an eBook for Kindle, iBook/iTunes and NOOK. Owners of eBook readers can opt for this format for a great digital reading experience.

Audio book: Available as an audio book for those who prefer to listen than read. The audio book can be purchased in CD format or downloaded in digital format on

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