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It's Time to Stop Selling and Start Engaging

Discover how you can easily develop your own digital marketing plan that captures the attention of your customers, builds credibility and dramatically expands your online visibility.

A Tool for Insight
A digital marketing plan is a tool for insight. The plan should help establish your goals and provide a liquid path to a solution. The emphasis is on “liquid,” because no matter how well you plan your digital marketing strategy today, you can expect that strategy to require a change in course. This plan was developed to help you reach your goals, come what may.

Grow Your Business with a Digital Marketing Plan
You're in business to make money, and the web provides limitless potential for boosting your revenue.  The Digital Marketing Plan PDF Workbook will show you how to leverage key tactics to increase traffic, improve profit potential and more.

Digital Marketing Plan PDF Workbook Outline

  • 1 - Research - A digital marketing plan is grounded in research.  You will learn how to set clear, achievable outcomes and goals for your digital marketing.  You'll be able to zero in on your target audience with laser accuracy; because when you market to everyone, you convince no one.
  • 2 - Strategy - The digital marketing plan workbook will reveal how to leverage a variety of tools to support your goals, allowing you to create a focused strategy that links everything together online to create a winning digital presence.  Websites, email, mobile, content marketing, social media and more finally work in digital harmony for your benefit.
  • 3 - Tactics - A solid plan will convert more website visitors into real opportunities, engage customers with email and mobile marketing, ensure that you reach the top of Google search pages and tap into social media effectively—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, LinkedIn and more.
  • 4 - Measuring Success - You won't know where to go if you don't know where you are.  Discover how tracking and measuring the performance of your digital marketing plan will help you maximize results and change your strategies on the fly to keep your audience engaged.


The Benefits of Implementing a Digital Marketing Plan
You may be focusing all your efforts on new customers, or just improving the reach of your business, but with a complete digital marketing plan you'll see a number of additional benefits.

  • Improved Customer Retention - Keep people coming back again and again
  • Build Credibility - Your audience will trust you, and is more likely to opt-in or spend
  • Greater Visibility - Better search ranks means more traffic, more conversions and more profit
  • Focused Marketing - Targeting the right audience gets you closer to "buy" and reduces marketing costs
  • Widespread Reach - Connect with customers all over the web in a variety of places, you'll know exactly how to reach them
  • Know What Works - Measurement lets you drop what doesn't work and focus on tactics that get results
  • And so much more.


All of your effort comes together to get more traffic, more customers and more profit.

Get your copy of the CONNECTED CULTURE Digital Marketing Plan PDF Workbook today.

PDF Workbook Price: $99.95


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